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What brands have the best digital sport sponsorship activation?

Check out the article here.

  1. American Express hosted the hydro-interactive tennis experience as well as the PIVOT NBA video experience. Considering the 5 principles of property-brand association, what factors about Amex will facilitate the transfer of affinity from passionate tennis/basketball fans to the brand?

  2. What did Kumho, a tire company, do to manufacture relatedness with the NBA?

  3. Why didn’t Kumho just put a big sign on the scoreboard at the Knicks game? Among other factors, how does street value of a sponsorship play into this decision?

  4. Each of these sponsorship activations were instances of live marketing. Why are sponsors turning to these types of campaigns?

  5. Did you notice any discount offerings in these top 10 digital sports sponsorships? Why do you think this is?

These questions relate to Chapter 13 of Team Sports Marketing: Affinity Transfer Model. Kamar Aiken Jersey

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