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How many brand logos can you ID? Would sponsorships help?

Click here to take a quiz on brand logo recognition.

  1. Chances are you recognized at least 50% of the brands in this quiz by their logos. What makes a brand distinct in the mind of consumers?

  2. Did you correctly identify the Sun Life Financial logo? Very impressive. How can a title sponsorship help brands like Sun Life gain both brand recognition and market share?

  3. What goals do established brands like Gatorade or Nike have when they sponsor professional sports teams?

  4. Why can’t this be measured by media equivalency?

  5. How can the Net Promoter Score help a brand understand its relative position in the marketplace?

  6. What do you consider to be the current brand personality of Blackberry? How could sponsoring a team like Golden State change this image?

These questions relate to Chapter 14: Affinity Transfer & ROI in Team Sports Marketing. Patrick Robinson Jersey

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