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Passionate fans attempt to keep Chargers in town

Moving companies refuse to help Chargers relocate to Los Angeles

  1. Do you think Charger fans would respond in the same way if their favorite coffee shops left San Diego? What is different about a fan and a typical customer?

  2. What does left brain and right brain have to do with the way these Charger fans are functioning?

  3. Is this the kind of reaction sports marketers want?

  4. How do you think the move will affect fan loyalty? Fan identification?

  5. Why is the city of Los Angeles and their taxpayers willing to pay for the new stadium?

  6. Do you think it will be difficult for the Chargers to build a highly identified, passionate fan base with so many other professional teams in the area?

These questions relate to the introduction: "What is Sports Marketing?" by Dr. Kirk Wakefield. Brooks Orpik Womens Jersey

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