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Sports & Entertainment: Selling more than just tickets

Cubs Resale Tickets Averaging $750

Check out the article here.

  1. How do fantasies, feelings, fun and friends influence willingness to pay for NCLS vs. ACLS ticket prices?

  2. How does the experience, entertainment, exhibitionism and evangelism that goes on with playoff teams and games differ from the sale of other services—such as most restaurants, the transportation provided to get to the games, or hotels? What are teams really selling?

  3. How do teams use price lines in setting ticket prices for games—regular season and playoffs? How do differences in seats, participants and timing influence ticket prices?

  4. Let’s imagine that next year the Cubs fortunes turn, and midway through the season realize that attendance is continually dropping.

a. Should the Cubs offer a discount on their tickets?

b. How could the Cubs use dynamic pricing? Kendall Hunter Authentic Jersey

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