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How are sports clubs attracting and satisfying season ticket holders?

Check out the article: Ticketing strategies that work

  1. What are the four deleterious effects of unused season tickets for a franchise? How have many of the teams in the article addressed these problems?

  2. How is Mike Clough at the Minnesota Twins meeting the priorities of millennials in their recent ticket strategies?

  3. How does Drew Ribarchak of the Columbus Blue Jackets increase the perceived ticket value for new group sales?

  4. What are the ways that Gretchen Sheirr at the Rockets improves venue convenience and avoids “managerial drift”?

  5. How might Paige Farragut’s strategy at the Texas Rangers increase social exchange? How does she hope to see this affect future season ticket sales?

These questions relate to Chapter 5: Selling Season Tickets.

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