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Are game promotions meeting sales and sponsorship goals or simply shifting attendance?

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  1. In response to the fact that there were 81 home games in this year’s MLB season, this article states, “…for a large majority of fans, it’s picking and choosing select games in which to enjoy the National Pastime.” The writer goes on to say that promotions are a good way to get non-season ticket holders to the turnstiles. What do we learn from Chapter 8 about promotion-prone individuals?

  2. How would a marketing team know whether a promotion increased ticket demand or simply shifted demand from other games?

  3. What does Chapter 8 suggest about how to change promotion focus from promotion-prone individuals to a segment of fans you want to reward or incentivize?

  4. Why should promotions always be sponsored?

  5. Choose a team and sponsor and create a promotion idea that is well-designed according to the CASES acronym. 

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