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Does the marketing work? Nissan and the Heisman House

First, read Chapter 1 of Team Sports Marketing. Then, read the article here.

  1. The article states: This year’s Heisman House campaign will emphasize the automaker’s Titan pickup, as well as its so-called “Intelligent Mobility” technology systems it puts in vehicles. But “while Titan is in the vast majority of our work this year, we try to make it a little more subtle and indirect,” Marx says. “We just don’t want to get in the way and make this into a sales campaign,” he said. Rather, the goal is to associate the Nissan brand with the Heisman, he adds. How does Chapter 1 refer to this type of brand association? 

  2. Do you think the media points the TV advertisements gain is the best way to measure the effectiveness of sponsor activation?  How could Nissan engage college sports fans in lived experiences and increase fan engagement?

  3. Nissan seeks to activate its brand so that college football’s passionate fans perceive Nissan as more differentiated compared to other automakers. How could they make you see their brand is truly original, different, unique and innovative through the Heisman campaign?

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