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Could augmented reality apps like Pokemon Go drive fans to sporting events?

"Should sports organizations go with Pokemon-style augmented reality?"

Check out the article here.

  1. Do you think augmented reality (AR) experiences would drive people to the stadium instead of watching the game at home?

  2. What kind of data could an AR app provide about users? Consider predictive and descriptive data.

  3. How could AR apps affect the quality of the customer information gained from the fan?

  4. The goals of precision marketing are to

  5. Generate new fans,

  6. Enlarge attendance and purchases of current fans, and to

  7. Motivate and maintain current fan identification and passion.

How is a CRM system used to meet these goals? How could AR experiences help?

  1. People are more likely to engage in electronic word-of-mouth if they experience positive emotions (excitement, pleasure, relaxation) or surprise. What are some ideas for an AR design within a stadium or arena that might bring excitement and surprise to the fan?

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