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Chipotle vs. Sports – Why do many sports teams profit despite poor performance?

  1. In the 2014-15 season, the NY Knicks had the third-largest TV audience in the NBA despite their abysmal 17-65 record. What are some of the key differences between consumers of sports (e.g. the Knicks) and consumers of everyday products (e.g. Chipotle) that allow the Knicks to profit despite poor performance?

  2. Chipotle might learn from sports marketing and aim to build “fan identification” or “passion for their product”, rather than just increasing “customers” and sales. Is it plausible for Chipotle to:

  3. Create fanatics rather than just satisfied customers?

  4. Increase loyalty?

  5. Increase identification with Chipotle? If so, how?

  6. Gain acceptance across cultures?

  7. Engage in price bundling?

  8. Create social exchange?

  9. What are some of the marketing advantages that sports have over typical goods and services marketing?

  10. From the article, what is Chipotle already beginning to do in order to achieve loyalty and passion?

  11. Chipotle CFO says that “Success [is] getting all of the sales back.” What might be a higher goal for their company in looking toward the future?

For instructors: These questions relate to the introductory chapter, "What is Sports Marketing?" Erik Johnson Authentic Jersey

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