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Chicago Cub success off the field: Moving the merchandise

Check out the article here.

1. Why do fans like Dennis and Kathy spend so much time, money, energy – even giving up a night’s sleep – to obtain Cubs merchandise (Chapter 10)?

a. What does the “locker room” hat symbolize that a Wal-Mart Cubs hat doesn’t?

b. The retail store Sports World Chicago plans to restock with 10,000 more “locker room” hats. How might this affect fan preference for the product (especially highly-identified fans)?

2. After winning the World Series, do you think the Cubs should take an intensive, selective, or exclusive distribution strategy?

a. What are the pros and cons of each strategy?

b. How could the Cubs maintain channel power?

3. What should teams do to increase impulse purchases?

4. Which of the 10 merchandising tactics seem most important for the Cubs after winning the World Series? Darryl Roberts Jersey

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