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Suing season ticket holders?

Some good questions to ask before suing season ticket holders

Check out the article here.

1. Based on the model of league attendance and price setting (Chapter 6 of Team Sports Marketing), stadium quality accounts for the most variance when it comes to explaining attendance at MLB games. Yet, the Marlins are only averaging 20,508 fans per game. What other factors must be affecting their game attendance?

2. How might the stadium novelty effect be a factor with the Marlins dropping attendance?

3. In the case with the Milwaukee stadium built in 2001, the 50% increase in ticket sales was largely accounted for by luxury suite buyers.

a. How is the Marlins service to luxury suite buyers affecting their business?

b. Based on the amount of information given, are the Marlins are making a good decision by suing Mickey Axelband?

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