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Gameday mobile apps: increasing involvement & excitement in sports

Apps Are Bringing Fans Closer to the NFL Than Ever Before

Check out the article here.

1. The fan-powered light show increases excitement and involvement by fans during the sporting event. What other ways could apps be used to increase fan involvement?

2. What do fans want to see on the scoreboard (Ch. 9)? How could this be enhanced through in-game apps?

3. One of the benefits of in-game app usage is that information comes in real time. Consider some of the issues from Chapter 9 on managing the sportscape,

o fan behavior

o facility layout

o wayfinding signage

o facility space

o scoreboards and sound systems

o cleanliness

o perceived crowding

o food service

o protecting the fans,

and brainstorm new ways that an in-game app could improve the fan’s experience.

4. How could the app be used to improve getting to and from the game, one of the least liked aspects of attending sporting events?

For instructors: This article relates to Chapter 9 of Team Sports Marketing, "Managing the Sportscape." Rob Kelley Authentic Jersey

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