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Sports Marketing Textbook

Looking for a sports marketing book?

Team Sports Marketing is a sports marketing text containing material appropriate for high school, college, and graduate level courses in sports and entertainment. The book is written from a perspective of those seeking future careers in the field, as well as those working in the field of sports & entertainment. Academics and practitioners can appreciate the usefulness of a text based on marketing theory & research and extensive experience in the field. Students will enjoy the creative writing style aimed at their understanding and retaining the material.

Here are some quotes we are not making up:

  1. Team Sports Marketing is the best book I’ve found that covers in depth what teams really need to do, from beginning to end, to sell and market the team. ~Bill Boyce, President (previouusly), Texas Legends (Dallas Mavericks)

  2. Team Sports Marketing sets the standard for sport marketing literature by providing a good overview of both basic and detailed sport marketing concepts and how they are applied to the sport product. With clear and concise real world examples based on extensive research, this book delivers a quality instructional and practical guide for both students in sport marketing as well as the serious sport manager. ~ David Peart, General Manager, Root Sports

  3. Team Sports Marketing represents the cutting edge in sports marketing knowledge and practice. Kirk's extensive experience with professional sports teams at all levels and all types, coupled with well-founded theory and research, makes this a perfect book for sports marketing classes everywhere. ~ Scott Kelley, Professor of Marketing and Director of the UK Center for Sports Marketing, University of Kentucky

  4. You're putting the book online? Wow, you are doing some awesome stuff! ~ Gregg Bennett, Director, Center for Sport Management Research and Education, Texas A&M University

Team Sports Marketing was originally published in hard-copy form in 2006. You may still buy it here.

Interact. In this revision, all chapter content is updated annually so instructors, students, and managers receive the latest best practices and insights into sports & entertainment marketing. The interactive nature of the online community allows professors and professionals to offer input to the materials and insights available on the site. Students and professors may make comments on each chapter. Since today's learners always have their iPhone, iPad, or other mobile device in hand, the book is available 24/7.

Go Green. In an ecological and economic sense, you and your students save green using Team Sports Marketing in the classroom. First, no trees were killed in the production of this website. Second, the student subscription rate of $25 for six months offers great value compared to quickly out-dated hard copy textbooks. For those wanting a lifetime subscription, the $100 subscription still compares favorably with hard copy texts.

Contribute. Your work may already be cited in Team Sports Marketing. If not, we are always looking for published empirical studies that would add to our understanding! Please submit the citation reference, a PDF or link to the article, and your suggestion of where it fits to The Author.

Partner Benefits. Subscribers to Team Sports Marketing may also want to use relevant articles posted to the Baylor S3 Report, as well as our Facebook page, where we frequently post on the lighter side of sports. Visit the Sportstalk page to access recent relevant news articles for classroom discussion. The Baylor S3 Report offers insights from sports executives on these topics:

  1. Sponsorships

  2. Ticket Sales

  3. Sales Management

  4. Interactive/Social Media

  5. Research Insights

  6. Career Management

Preview. Instructors or organizational buyers wishing to review the text may email The Author for free access to the text and instructor's materials. For each chapter, Team Sports Marketing includes (a) PowerPoint slides containing class exercises and discussion (b) list of key terms & chapter essay question, and (c) multiple choice test bank questions.

The text begins with, What is sports marketing? to give a basic understanding of sports marketing. An overview of each section of the book can also be viewed for each of the sections in the text: The Fan, Marketing Management, and Sponsorships. The Marketing Management section contains the majority of the chapters–and that overview page contains an overview of each of these chapters. To read more you may subscribe to gain access.

Credit. Many of the ideas and content in this text can be credited to learning from the best, our advisory board members of Baylor's Sports Sponsorship & Sales program:

TEAMS (Executives on advisory board)

  1. MLBAM: Dinn Mann

  2. LA FC: Corey Breton

  3. San Jose Sharks: Flavil Hampsten

  4. Dallas Mavericks: George Killebrew, George Prokos, Rob Erwin

  5. Houston Rockets: Gretchen Shierr, Cody Haynes

  6. Dallas Stars:Matt Bowman

  7. Orlando Magic: Jay Riola

  8. San Antonio Spurs: Frank Miceli, Lawrence Payne, Joe Clark, Tim Salier

  9. Sixers/Devils: Jake Reynolds, Brian Norman

  10. C-USA: Drew Mitchell

  11. Houston Astros: Jason Howard

  12. Chicago Cubs: Colin Faulkner

  13. San Diego Padres: Eric McKenzie

  14. American Airlines: Andrew Silverman

  15. Frisco RoughRiders: Bill Goren, Scott Burchett

  16. Texas Rangers: Paige Farragut

  17. Dallas Cowboys: Robin Woith, Jason Koettel

  18. Denver Broncos: Chris Faulkner

  19. Houston Texans: Greg Grissom, Derek Beeman

  20. Miami Heat: John Vidalin

  21. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Ben Milsom

  22. Circuit of the Americas:Bryan Kraham

  23. Portland Trail Blazers: Chris McGowan, Tyler Howell, Joe Issee

  24. LA Kings/Galaxy: Kelly Cheeseman

  25. Root Sports: David Peart

  26. FC Dallas: Kris Katseanes

  27. Houston Dynamo: Brett Zalaski, Shawn McIntosh

  28. Homestead Miami Speedway: Shawn McGee

  29. Shell Houston Open: Tommy Wright

  30. Vegas Golden Knights: Todd Pollock, Chase Jolesch

CORPORATIONS (Executive, Company, Category)

  1. Dan Migala, Property Consulting Group

  2. Eric Fernandez, SportsDesk Media, Interactive Media

  3. Bill Moseley, AT&T, Telecom

  4. Lynda Carrier Metz, Pizza Hut, Restaurants

  5. Bill Spicer, Dr Pepper/Snapple Group, Soft Drink/Bottled Water

  6. Kelly Roddy, Focus Brands (Schlotsky’s, Cinnabon, Carvel), FSR

  7. Mary Hyink, Fox Sports, Media

  8. John Dillon, Denny’s, Full-Service Restaurant

  9. Geoff Lester, StubHub

  10. Tami T. Walker, Phillips 66

  11. Patrick Ryan, Eventellect

  12. Derek Blake, La Quinta Inns & Suites

  13. And many, many more friends in sports & entertainment!

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