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Fan, Follower, or Friends? How Social Media Drives Sales in Sports

  1. How does a team’s social media accounts (like FC Barcelona, Messi, & Neymar) affect perceived membership value for the fan? Do you think social media adds visible benefits for those who are in or want to join the FC Barcelona community?

  2. What should be the first objective of a team or athlete’s social media post? What is the second objective?

  3. 40% of Stephen Curry’s social media posts refer to a brand. Why is he able to promote his sponsors so much without losing followers?

  4. How does Curry foster community through his twitter account? (

  5. From Chapter 12, we read that “9 of 10 online consumers say recommendations from friends and family members are the most trusted form of advertising worldwide. Only about 2 of 10 trust online ads. In a recent Zuberance survey, 89 percent of advocates said their friends buy or consider purchasing the products and services they recommend.” Do you think brand recommendations from Stephen Curry via twitter are seen as an online ad or a recommendation from a friend?

  6. Why don’t Facebook likes or follows necessarily mean a direct impact on sales? How did HookIt calculate “earned media value?”

  7. How can Microsoft CRM be used with fan comments on social media?

These questions relate to Chapter 12 in Team Sports Marketing: Building Community. Corey Liuget Authentic Jersey


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